Kendel is an accomplished music producer and songwriter with a unique ability to create music that perfectly fits the tone and mood of TV shows, films, and commercials. With years of experience in the industry, Kendel has worked with numerous high-profile clients and has become a go-to producer for creating custom music. She has worked on countless projects, creating music that has been featured on TV networks like ABC, Netflix, MTV, and HBO, as well as in motion pictures and advertising campaigns and recently remixed two songs on the Tommee Profitt EP Collection. 

One of Kendel's greatest strengths is her ability to work with artists and bring their vision to life. She collaborates closely with artists to understand their unique style and sound, and she uses her production expertise to create music that perfectly complements their vision. Whether working on a pop ballad or a high-energy dance track, Kendel's production always highlights the best of the artist's talents and creates an unforgettable sound. 

In addition to her work with artists, Kendel also specializes in creating custom music for agencies and brands. She has a keen ear for detail and a deep understanding of the creative process, which allows her to create dynamic music that meets deadlines and exceeds expectations.


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