Kendel Lester has always found joy creating her own sonic jigsaw puzzles. Over years of exploring genres, the Chicago-based musician, songwriter, and singer has been carving out a reputation producing music for sync.

Her music has been featured on prime time TV, including WWE, Building The Browns and a multitude of successful web series and independent films. Kendel is also one-half of the electropop duo, Butcher & the Florist - a collaboration with her husband, Jody Miller, who has written music for the Oprah Winfrey Show.  

In 2021, Kendel Lester surpassed hundreds of other entries to win Tommee Profitt's “Tragic” remix contest. She is also head honcho of The Nowhere House, a production company that creates video and audio content for local artists, production music for ads and TV, and promotional content for businesses.  

Kendel has developed a colorful signature sound, one that spans from cinematic pop to anthemic alternative rock to upbeat commercial music. Her songwriting is all about harnessing relatable themes and presenting them in bold and unique ways. With lyrics centered around empowerment, struggle, and overcoming, her songs are magnetic and filled with emotion and drive.  

Looking to the future, Kendel Lester's highly anticipated album of re-imagined covers is scheduled for release in early 2022.

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